What kind of medical benefits does workers' comp provide after a work-related injury?

While workers compensation laws vary slightly from state to state, a worker is generally eligible to recover 100 percent of the cost of medical treatments that result from a job-related injury, including emergency room services, hospital care, physician's fees, and prescriptions. However, there are some important limitations that you need to be aware of regarding your medical treatment when filing a workers compensation claim.

Workers Compensation and Medical Treatment

The limitations on workers compensation medical treatment vary by state. For example, in some states, you are limited to using a doctor that your employer advises or recommends in order to receive workers compensation for medical benefits. In other jurisdictions, you may choose any doctor you want, but you are limited in the number of times you can switch doctors and still maintain your claim for payments. In still other states, there are few or no limitations under workers compensation law other than a basic requirement that whatever doctor you are going to actually be a qualified medical professional.

In addition to the potential limits on which doctors you may go to, there may also be certain requirements for a claim to be paid. Your doctor may need to submit a form, for example, explaining what treatments he performed and why they are an appropriate type of care. The fees for the treatments also must generally be reasonable and in line with what doctors in the local area charge for the type of treatment you are receiving. In addition, some alternative treatments that are not recognized or considered to be approved medical treatments, may be covered only on a limited basis or not at all.

Getting Help - Paying Medical Bills via Workers Comp

Because the exact requirements and limitations on payment of medical bills do vary by state, if you have concerns about any of your treatments or about your workers comp benefits in general, it is a good idea to consult with a workers compensation lawyer for advice.