Washington Workers' Compensation Claims

Workers may file Washington workers' compensation claims when they are injured in accidents at the work-site or when hazardous work conditions cause them to become ill. Washington workers' compensation claims must be filed with the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries before an injured employee may receive workers' compensation benefits. All employees who have been injured or fallen ill because of their place of employment are eligible to receive workers' compensation benefits, provided that their employers have more than one employee.

Process for Washington Workers' Compensation Claims

Report your work-related injury to your boss as soon as possible after you have been injured. Telling your boss about your injury or illness is crucial in making sure that you get workers' compensation benefits and that the receipt of those benefits is not delayed. After you are injured, it is also in your best interest to immediately see a physician about your injury. Your examining doctor must complete an Accident Report and submit the report to the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

Your doctor must file your workers' compensation claim within one year of your workplace accident or within two years of the time that your doctor informs you that you have a work-connected illness. These time limits stem from the Washington statute of limitations for workers' compensation claims. Failure to submit a Washington workers' compensation claim within one year of your accident may result in your losing the right to wage replacement, medical, and disability benefits.

If your workers' compensation claim has been disputed or rejected, or if you simply need assistance filing your Washington workers' compensation claim, don't hesitate to contact an experienced Washington workers' compensation lawyer and set up a consultation.

Reasons to Hire a Washington Workers' Compensation Attorney

There are several circumstances in which a Washington workers' compensation lawyer can play an essential role in ensuring that you are successful in obtaining workers' compensation benefits. It's especially important to have a Washington workers' compensation attorney if your employer lacks workers' compensation insurance or is failing to cooperate with your claim. An attorney is also advantageous when your injury is difficult to prove and your workers' compensation claim will be contested. In these circumstances, a workers' compensation lawyer can argue strongly on your behalf, explain the intricacies involved in your case, and assist you in understanding the filing deadlines and other procedures that must be followed in filing a claim with the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

Additionally, if a third party is involved in your case, or a manufacturer is partially responsible for your injury because it manufactured a defective piece of equipment that injured you, the case for workers' compensation benefits can become more complicated and the assistance of an experienced Washington workers' compensation lawyer is strongly advisable. Even if your workers' compensation case is not particularly complex, it may put you at ease in your time of stress just to know that you have an experienced professional on your side to whom you can direct your concerns and questions.