Tennessee Workers' Compensation Claims

Tennessee workers’ compensation claims may be filed for workers’ compensation benefits if an employee has been injured in a workplace accident, or if the employee has developed an occupational illness because of harmful conditions present at his place of work. Because Tennessee law requires any employer with more than five part-time or full-time workers to have workers’ compensation insurance for its employees, most Tennessee employees injured at work are eligible to receive benefits. If you are an injured worker and want to file a Tennessee workers’ compensation claim, you should file your claim with the Tennessee Division of Workers’ Compensation.

Process for Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Claims

Be sure to tell your boss about the injury you suffered in a work-related accident, or about your occupational illness. If you do not tell your boss about your condition, you may lose your chance to get workers’ compensation benefits under Tennessee workers’ compensation law. After you inform your employer of your medical condition, your employer must file an Employer’s First Report of Work Injury or Illness (Form C-20) with his workers’ compensation insurance provider within one day of having knowledge that you have a work-related injury or illness.

Also, you should immediately consult a physician after you have suffered an injury connected with your job, or if you think you may have an occupational disease (such as asbestosis, hearing loss, or eczema from work-related exposure). Inform your doctor that the injury or illness you have suffered is connected to your employment, as this may become vital evidence later if your injuries are contested by your employer or their insurance company.

Following the consultation with your doctor about your injury, you must file a Request for Benefit Review Counsel (Form C-40B) with the Tennessee Division of Workers’ Compensation within one year of your injury. If you do not file the workers’ compensation claim within one year, your claim will be barred by the Tennessee statute of limitations for workers’ compensation claims, and you will lose the right to receive the benefits you deserve.

Finally, you should discuss your occupational illness or injury with a Tennessee workers’ compensation attorney if you have any questions about your chances of recovering workers’ compensation benefits, or if your claim has been rejected.

Reasons to Hire a Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Denial of your Tennessee workers’ compensation claim can have a significant effect on your future, especially if your injury is permanent. Therefore, it’s important that you have an experienced Tennessee workers’ compensation lawyer working by your side to help you with the Tennessee workers’ compensation filing process. An attorney can make sure you file your workers’ compensation claim on time and in the right place, and can persuasively assert your claim if your employer is uncooperative or disputes the fact that you were injured at work or that your claim is valid. Additionally, if a third party was involved in your injury, such as a manufacturer whose faulty product caused your work-related injury, filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits can get tricky, and having a Tennessee workers’ compensation attorney to help you formulate a strategy and guide you in this situation is a good idea.