Nebraska Workers' Compensation Claims

All Nebraska workers' compensation claims must be submitted to the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court. Claims for workers' compensation benefits should be filed if you are an employee who has been injured in a workplace accident, if your injury is related to your job, or if you have developed an occupational illness because of the hazardous conditions to which you are exposed at your place of employment. Potential Nebraska workers' compensation benefits include medical treatment, income replacement benefits, permanent disability benefits, and/or death and funeral benefits, among others.

Process for Nebraska Workers' Compensation Claims

It is your responsibility to report your employment-related injury or disease to your manager, supervisor, or employer as soon as possible. Failure to notify your employer in a timely manner may result in the loss of your workers' compensation benefits. Upon being informed of your injury or disease, your boss must then notify his workers' compensation insurer of your injury. Your boss or his insurance carrier must, within ten days of notification, complete and submit a First Report of Alleged Occupational Injury or Illness with the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court. Any claims for workers' compensation must be filed within two years of the injury or illness.

Also, you should immediately seek medical attention for your illness or injury. Tell the physician treating you that you were injured as a result of your job. This will become vital evidence later in proving your case and rebutting any claims that the injury or illness did not stem from the job.

Finally, if you have questions or concerns about filing a claim for workers' compensation benefits, you should discuss these matters with an experienced Nebraska workers' compensation lawyer.

Reasons to Hire a Nebraska Workers' Compensation Attorney

You should get in touch with a Nebraska workers' compensation lawyer if you are unsure of the time deadlines for filing a workers' compensation claim or if you require an explanation of your rights and benefits under Nebraska workers' compensation law. A lawyer can also provide you with additional information about the details involved in the Nebraska workers' compensation process. If your claim for workers' compensation benefits is denied and your injury is severe and potentially long-term, it's in your best interest to hire a Nebraska workers' compensation attorney to persuasively argue your claim for workers' compensation benefits in front of the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court.

In addition, the assistance of a Nebraska workers' compensation attorney is highly recommended if you have a more complicated workers' compensation case. Complicated cases may include those in which your boss does not have adequate insurance, does not have any insurance, or is not cooperating and contests your claim for workers' compensation benefits. A workers' compensation lawyer may also be useful to you if a third party is partially responsible for your employment-related injury and you would like to recover compensation from that third party as well as workers' compensation benefits from your boss. It may be necessary for a workers' compensation lawyer to formulate a strategy for your case, especially if the third party is a manufacturer whose defective product caused your injury.