Mississippi Workers' Compensation Claims

Mississippi workers' compensation claims may be filed if a worker has suffered an injury at his place of employment, or if a worker has developed a disease because of hazardous conditions at his workplace. Workers' compensation benefits provide Mississippi employees with medical treatment and income replacement for lost wages while they recover from their job-connected diseases or injuries. Employees should file their claims for workers' compensation benefits with the Mississippi Workers' Compensation Commission.


Process for Mississippi Workers' Compensation Claims

First, make sure to tell your employer that you have been injured or become sick at work. You must report your injury within thirty days of the worksite accident that caused the injury. If you fail to tell your employer about your injury within the requisite time, you may not receive workers' compensation benefits, or your receipt of benefits may be delayed.

Following notification of your injury or illness, your employer must notify the Mississippi Workers' Compensation Commission within two years of your injury. Your boss must also inform his insurance carrier of your workplace injury. If your boss does not file your claim within two years, your claim for workers' compensation benefits will be barred by the statute of limitations and you will not be able to get income replacement, medical, disability, and/or death benefits. Having an uncooperative boss is sometimes an unfortunate reality in workers' compensation situations, and that's one of the reasons you may need to hire an experienced Mississippi workers' compensation attorney to handle your claim and fight for your rights.

Finally, it's important that you seek prompt medical attention after you have been injured on the job. You also need to mention to your treating physician that your injury is employment-related, as this information can later be used to prove a connection between your job and your injury if your claim for workers' compensation benefits is contested.


Reasons to Hire a Mississippi Workers' Compensation Attorney

Hiring a Mississippi workers' compensation attorney is generally a good idea if you have questions or concerns about filing a workers' compensation claim for benefits, need some guidance to understand the workers' compensation system in Mississippi, or just want to discuss your workers' compensation options and rights under workers' compensation law. But there are also some more complicated situations that make the assistance of a Mississippi workers' compensation lawyer absolutely crucial to your case, such as if your employer does not have insurance, does not have enough insurance, or if he is uncooperative and argues that you do not have a valid claim.

If any of these complicating factors applies to your case, a workers' compensation lawyer can argue your claim in front of the Mississippi Workers' Compensation Commission and can ensure the best possible outcome for your case. Additionally, if a third party such as the manufacturer of a piece of faulty equipment is partially responsible for your injury, a Mississippi workers' compensation lawyer can help you formulate a strategy for your case so you can rightfully recover for your injury from both the third party and your employer. It's also in your best interest to have a Mississippi workers' compensation attorney at your side in the event that your claim is rejected and you need someone who has experience with the workers' compensation system in Mississippi to fight for you.