Louisiana Workers' Compensation Claims

Louisiana workers' compensation claims may be filed if a worker has been injured because of a workplace accident, or because the worker has contracted an occupational illness due to the conditions of his normal work environment being unsafe in some way. An injured or ill employee should submit his claim to the Louisiana Office of Workers' Compensation. All employers in Louisiana are required to have workers' compensation insurance to cover their employees in the event that an employee has an accident at work or develops an occupational disease.

Process for Louisiana Workers' Compensation Claims

Make sure to immediately inform your employer (supervisor, manager, foreman, etc.) that you have been injured while at work or that you have become ill, and in no event more than thirty days after your accident or the development of your illness. After your boss has been informed of your work-related illness or injury, he or she should complete and submit an Employer Report of Injury or Illness (Form 1007) with the Louisiana Office of Workers' Compensation as well as with the employer's insurance provider. This report must be filed promptly if you do not want receipt of your workers' compensation benefits to be delayed or lost entirely.

Immediately after you have been injured at work or have started to show signs of an occupational illness, you should get medical help. It is important that you tell the examining physician that your injury or disease is work-related, as this can prove to be important evidence if your claim is later disputed or rejected.

Should you have questions about filing a claim for workers' compensation benefits, or require other assistance with your workers' compensation case, it's never a bad idea to seek advice from an experienced Louisiana workers' compensation lawyer.

Reasons to Hire a Louisiana Workers' Compensation Attorney

Filing a Louisiana workers' compensation claim for benefits can become a complicated process in certain circumstances. Complicating factors may include your employer not having enough insurance or having no insurance at all, or simply being uncooperative with your claim. In such circumstances, it is in your best interest to have a Louisiana workers' compensation attorney at your side to deal with your employer and to persuasively assert your claim for benefits in front of the Louisiana Office of Workers' Compensation.

A workers' compensation lawyer can also explain the procedures for getting workers' compensation benefits within the Louisiana workers' compensation system, and can tell you about your various options for recovery. Additionally, if your claim for workers' compensation benefits is contested or rejected, or if a third party was partially responsible for your injury and you need to figure out how best to recover from the third party while still receiving workers' compensation benefits from your employer's insurer, a Louisiana workers' compensation lawyer can help you develop a strategy and recommend a course of action in your case. Such a third party may be a manufacturer whose defective product caused your work accident. Don't hesitate to contact a Louisiana workers' compensation attorney today.