I was injured at my workplace in PA. Am I required to see my employer's doctor?

Under Pennslyvania law, initially you see one of your employer’s designed physicians. Your employer has a list. After 90 days, you may see your own.

The Workers’ Compensation Act expressly provides that it is the duty of the employer “to provide a clearly written notification of the employee’s rights and duties” regarding his/her rights to medical treatment. It is the employer’s responsibility to “ensure that the employee has been informed and that he/she understands these rights and duties”. The employer can only establish that it has met its responsibility by obtaining your signature on a Bureau form setting forth your responsibilities to treat with one of its panel physicians.

There is an exception to the 90-day rule. If your boss has not complied, your best step is to contact a workers’ compensation attorney about the possibility of seeing your own doctor within the 90-day period.