Arizona Workers' Compensation Claims

Arizona workers' compensation claims allow an employee to receive benefits during their recovery from an injury suffered in an accident at their place of employment, or for an illness developed because of their work duties or the conditions which they are exposed to at work. In order to receive these benefits, injured or sick workers must file an Arizona workers' compensation claim with the Claims Division of the Industrial Commission of Arizona. Because all employers in Arizona must have workers' compensation insurance in the event of workplace accidents, it is likely that an injured or diseased employee will receive workers' compensation benefits.


Process for Arizona Workers' Compensation Claims

Make sure to report the injury you suffered on the job or your work-related disease to your manager or foreman as soon as possible. You may lose your chance to claim Arizona workers' compensation benefits, or the benefits may be delayed if you do not promptly inform your employer of your injury. After you tell your employer about your occupational injury or illness, your boss is required within ten days of the employee's injury report to submit an Employer's Report of Industrial Injury to the Industrial Commission of Arizona and to the insurance company.

Similarly, you should see a doctor about your injury or illness immediately and tell the doctor that your injury is employment-related. The treating physician must then assist you in filling out a Workers' and Physician's Report of Injury. The physician will then mail the form to the Arizona Industrial Commission and to your employer's insurance company. You should complete and file a "Workers' Report of Injury" form with the Industrial Commission of Arizona if you do not complete a Physician's Report of Injury form at the hospital. If you do not want to lose your chance to get medical benefits, permanent disability benefits, or income benefits, your workers' compensation claim must be submitted to the Industrial Commission within one year of your injury or illness.

You should also get in touch with an Arizona workers' compensation lawyer if you are unsure how to go about filing a claim or if you have questions about available workers' compensation benefits in Arizona.


Reasons to Hire an Arizona Workers' Compensation Attorney

Discuss your workers' compensation claim with an Arizona workers' compensation lawyer if you have concerns or questions about your claim or about the procedure for filing an Arizona workers' compensation claim with the Industrial Commission. An attorney can also help you formulate a strategy for making your case. A workers' compensation lawyer can assist you by arguing your workers' compensation claim if your employer is underinsured or uncooperative, or if your claim is disputed or rejected. It's also strongly advised that you get assistance from an Arizona workers' compensation lawyer if there is a third party involved in your case, or if you just need someone to explain the workers' compensation rights and benefits to which you are entitled as an Arizona worker.