Alabama Workers' Compensation Claims

Alabama workers' compensation claims should be filed with the Workers' Compensation Division of the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations within a specific time period. Alabama employees who have been injured in work-related accidents or who develop occupational illnesses may file claims for Alabama workers' compensation benefits in order to get medical care, income replacement, or permanent disability benefits for their injuries or illnesses. The state of Alabama mandates that all employers carry Alabama workers' compensation insurance to protect workers who become injured or sick on the job.

Process for Filing Alabama Workers' Compensation Claims

Notify your manager, foreman, or supervisor of your occupational disease or injury as soon as possible after your injury, and preferably within five days of the accident or the manifestation of your illness. According to Alabama law, notice must be given to your employer within ninety days or you may no longer be eligible to receive Alabama workers' compensation benefits, or receipt of your benefits may at the very least be delayed.

Following your injury or the beginning of the symptoms of your illness, you should also seek medical attention as soon as possible and mention to the treating physician that your injury or symptoms are connected with your job. This evidence will help down the line if your claim is rejected or contested.

After your employer has been notified of your condition, they must submit a First Report of Injury (WCC Form 2) to the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations. The Alabama statute of limitations for workers' compensation claims provides that a claim for workers' compensation benefits must be filed within two years of your injury or the manifestation of symptoms of your illness, or else you may lose your chance to receive workers' compensation benefits. Even though you have two years, it's best to get your claim filed as soon as possible so you can get the ball rolling towards receiving your benefits.

Finally, consult an experienced Alabama workers' compensation attorney if you have questions about filing an Alabama workers' compensation claim, or if you have any other concerns about your case.

Reasons to Hire an Alabama Workers' Compensation Attorney

Because the outcome of filing a workers' compensation claim can have a significant effect on your future, it is strongly recommended that you hire an Alabama workers' compensation attorney to help you with your case. A lawyer can help you file your claim for workers' compensation benefits and make sure that your claim is filed within the requisite deadlines, walk you through the procedures of the Alabama workers' compensation system, and provide guidance on the best strategy for getting benefits in your case. In addition, an Alabama workers' compensation attorney can be of assistance to you if your employer lacks workers' compensation insurance, has too little insurance, or is uncooperative and disputes your claim for benefits. In these circumstances, a workers' compensation lawyer can strongly voice your arguments in front of the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations.

Additionally, if a third party is partially to blame for your injury, such as a manufacturer that makes a product that injures you, an Alabama workers' compensation lawyer will be able to handle your claim and recommend the best course of action for recovery from both your employer and the third party.