California Posts for the Workplace

By: C. Edward Langhammer, Jr. Member, Cotkin & Collins

Simply stated, employers need to have a variety of basic “posters” or postings for their workplaces. The posters are required to be placed where employees can see them, i.e., the break room (not in the human resources manager’s office or in his or her desk drawer). Employers have several choices in complying with posting requirements. Individual posters can be obtained and posted separately (not recommended even if there is lots of wall space available) or employers can purchase California specific “all-in-one” posters combining the various postings into one poster. Employers MUST update their posters annually, usually at the first of the year. Note changes get introduced during the year. For example, the poster required to notify returning veterans of their employment and reemployment rights upon return from military service, was added mid-year in 2005. Employers can buy an annual subscription or service for updates through a reputable vendor to keep up to date on these posters. The required postings may include (“may” because some postings are dependent on the number of employees):

  • Emergency Phone Numbers
  • Pay Day Notice
  • Safety and Health Protection on the Job
  • Notice to Employees- Injuries Caused by Work
  • Discrimination or Harassment is Forbidden by Law
  • Time Off for Voting
  • Notice Employee Polygraph Protection Act
  • USERRA Poster
  • Notice to Employees – Unemployment, State Disability (SDI) and Paid Family Leave (PFL) Insurances
  • California Minimum Wage
  • Federal Minimum Wage
  • Pregnancy Disability Leave (PDL) (4-49 employees)
  • Family Care and Medical Leave (California Family Rights Act [CFRA] Leave and PDL (50+ employees)
  • Your rights under Federal Family Leave and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (50+ employees)
  • Equal Opportunity is the Law
  • Whistleblower Poster
  • Log 300 OSHA
  • Your Wage Order (See below)
  • Other Unique/Specialized Notices for Particular Businesses

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(Copyright ©2006, Cotkin, Collins & Ginsburg. Used with permission.)