What can I do to prove that sexual harassment took place if there were no witnesses?

Sexual harassment often comes down to a he-said, she-said situation, especially if there aren't any witnesses available who are willing to testify on the behalf of the victim. If you want to be successful at a sexual harassment claim, the best thing you can do is keep detailed records of everything that occurs. You should also determine what your company's sexual harassment policy is and make sure you take any and all steps available to you to report the sexual harassment to the appropriate parties within your company.

Sexual harassment claims can be based on either "quid pro quo harassment" or "hostile work environment harassment." Quid pro quo harassment involves a situation in which someone's job is influenced in a tangible manner by his or her willingness, or unwillingness, to engage in a requested type of sexual behavior. For example, if you are told you'll get a promotion if you go out on a date with your boss or engage in sexual relations with him or her, or if it's even implied in some manner that your job depends on you engaging in sexual behavior, this can be an example of quid pro quo harassment. Hostile work environment claims, on the other hand, are based on a situation where someone is consistently made uncomfortable at work because of his or her gender, even if the actual terms of the job aren't changed.

In either case, you will want to record every detail you can about any type of harassment that has occurred. If you are propositioned by your boss, write down the date and time that he or she made the "offer" and record as many details as you can. If you are making a hostile work environment claim, write down each instance of offensive behavior along with who engaged in the behavior and when it occurred. You should also keep careful track of any attempts made to resolve the issue internally by reporting the behavior to the appropriate parties within your company.

Contacting a sexual harassment lawyer can be very helpful when trying to build a sexual harassment case, as your lawyer can help you to collect the evidence you need.